Plasters Kabe

Plasters KABE

The investment in good quality elevator plaster pays off in the long term. Thanks to the fact that we will apply the best smoothing available on the market, we will be sure that the exterior walls of the building will look impeccable even after many years. Plasters KABEwe are a distributor of are premium materials that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Thin-film and primer masses of this manufacturer are used for manual or spray distribution of mortar on external walls and creating a decorative and protective coating on their surface.

Plasters KABE, which are in our offer, are resistant to adverse weather ingress and all kinds of dirt. When choosing a material with the addition of silicone, however, we will gain special protection of the walls from moisture. The products of KABE are also characterized by excellent adhesion to any substrate - this facilitates the distribution of plaiers, which tightly covers the walls and adheres well to their surface. The manufacturer of the brand from Silesia also took care of a wide color palette and a variety of mortar invoices. Thanks to this, customers can easily shape the image of the building.


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