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In the construction of a given building and during renovations, an appropriate assortment is important, which will allow to create solid and safe electrical installations. In our shop you will find products for the basic electrical installation - products such as various types of cans, cables, filaments, or electric cubes. Electric cans are an important part of the installation. They allow safe installation of sockets or contacts that start / turn off the light. As a result, the installation elements do not come into direct contact with the materials from which the wall was made. The use of cans protects against short circuits or other faults. Electric cubes play an equally important role with the creation of electrical installations. With their help, the cables do not need to be soldered. They can be connected to each other at an express pace. This will make it easier to install in situations where soldering would be difficult or unjustified for economic reasons. Electric cubes will connect even the wires of mounted lamps or cables connecting the sockets / contacts to the entire electrical installation. Electrical cables, on the other hand, are an essential element of any electrical installation. It is important to make them robust, such elements must be adequately insulated. As a result, the operation of the electrical system will not be disrupted. Also pay attention to the maximum voltage of the cable. The offer of our store is also electric filament, which, in addition to economical energy consumption, show a long service life and the emission of a color of light beneficial to the human eye. These components are mainly intended for installation with halogen housings.

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