Plasticizers for mortar, concrete, screeds


Plasticizers are chemicals that significantly improve the properties of a given plastic, most often used in construction. For example, a fungal agent is added to the plaster. Most often they come in two forms, in powder or liquid form. They are ideal for Portland cement as well as metallurgical cement. Depending on the expected effect, we meet the following plasticizers:

  • - thickening concrete,
  • - increasing the amount of water,
  • - kingfish type,
  • - plasticization

As you can see, the choice is large, and the purpose of these products meets all the needs during the construction of a house or renovation of an apartment. These measures are most often used to protect concrete or other plastics from mechanical damage and cracks. They also reduce the amount of water added to the mixture, which has an impact on increased durability and scratch resistance. Using good quality materials such as plasticizers BORAMAX allows to increase the durability of structures made entirely of concrete, reduce the consumption of concrete. When the recommended proportions are used, the concrete mixture is very easy to reconstituted, which affects the safety of the entire structure. They are also economical to use and result in significant savings when carrying out construction work. Admixtures of this type are very popular in houses where the installation of underfloor heating is installed. This is because they do not corrode the plant in any way. These are very useful and convenient to use modern additives used on many constructions.


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