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The right range of construction tools is the basis in any company offering repair and construction services. The composition of Dombud Building Materials has a wide range where you will find all the necessary tools for any project. We have gloves, brushes, metal discs, dust masks, hammers, buckets, putty, anti-spatter glasses, measures, drills, pins, metal shears and many other useful items. In addition to the typical assortment of construction, there are all the tools that should be in each household, for the use of a garden or your own plot. These will be, for example, painting ladders, which will be useful even with a small renovation. The tool category is also useful when performing simple duties at home, such as hanging an image or shelf. In addition to the aforementioned pins or drills, there is a large selection of levels. The tools offered are characterized not only by good workmanship, but are also available for every budget due to attractive prices.

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