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Building film

Building film is one of the most important elements of creating floors, roofs or walls. It is used by any professional who cares about the greatest and more accurate protection against moisture. However, it still has a few advantages that support their use. In our shop you will find films designed for different purposes and of different thicknesses. Each of them creates insulation that protects against moisture and cold.
What then threatens the lack of construction film on your construction site?
-Inadequately protected floors may cause damage to wood or floor panels,
-The lack of insulation of the walls in the bathroom, laundry or kitchen will affect their ingging of water vapor forming fungus and mold,
-Poorly made roof cover without the use of foil will cause cold air and often frost under the roof during the winter.
As you can see, not being applied to fundamental structural elements can have painful consequences. For this purpose, construction film is used. The films presented by us are certified, guaranteeing the highest quality of the product. The film is resistant to loads and tears. In addition, it is lightweight, durable and easy to install. It does not stick together, which greatly facilitates the expansion from the roll and the position of the film itself.
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