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Fugue is a weld, a finishing material commonly used when laying various types of tiles. It is widely used. Its main task is to protect the gaps between the tiles and protect the walls, floors and other surfaces beneath them from the adverse effects of moisture. It also effectively protects the gaps between the tiles from the accumulation of dust and dirt in them, as well as significantly minimizes the risk of fungal or mold eruptions in these places.

The grouts in our shop range are finished materials of excellent quality. They are designed for sealing various types of tiles, small and medium-sized ceramic tiles as well as glass mosaic, cement tiles or stone tiles.

They are great both in rooms with increased humidity, as well as in dry places where plate cladding is exposed to deformation.

The ATLASthat are found in the wide range of our store are cement, extremely durable and solid welds. They are characterized by low absorbency, do not absorb water, which perfectly protect the surfaces under them from the adverse effects of moisture. They are also a decorative element, which is why we offer different colors of joints that perfectly fit into any interior. In our offer you can find grouts in colors such as beige, graphite, brown, gray and standard white.


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