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The Arsanit is one of the most respected and recognized brands in construction. On this subpage you will find an offer of structural plasters from the THERMATynk series and plaster from the arte-plaster series used for imitation wood. Plasters are mainly suitable for obtaining decorative and elegant surfaces. The plasters used Arsanit allow you to receive original wall textures. It is worth remembering that the texture of structural plasters looks most effective in well-lit rooms. Modern plaster Arsanit can be applied to almost any type of walls. These will be concrete, plaster or even wooden surfaces. Structural plasters show good resistance to mechanical damage. They are also resistant to moisture, which allows to keep the structure intact for many years. The advantage of plasters is also the fact that they are successfully applied to new and old surfaces. For some walls - gypsum perfectly camouflages previously visible shortcomings.


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