arsanit polystyrene glue

Adhesives ARSANIT

It is not known from today that building a new house or re-arranging an existing apartment is quite a challenge for most of us. Especially for people who have never had the opportunity to renovate anything before, and want to change their interiors. In such a situation, it is definitely worth choosing products that will help facilitate the work and make it more comfortable and, above all, simpler. Our online store offers you high-quality adhesives Arsanit, which are adhesives dedicated to warming. They are suitable for virtually all insulation systems that are available on the market. Adhesives Arsanit is a very high quality, which also goes hand in hand with very attractive prices. The adhesive Arsanit have been created so that they offer a very good adhesion to the surface and really great working parameters that make the work even easier. There is a reason Arsanit adhesives from year to year enjoy undiminished popularity among customers.


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