Primer paints Weber price


Land in the weber is not intended:

  • Compensation of absorbence of the substrate
  • Reinforcement of the reinforced layer under the masses and plastering mortars
  • Improving the adhesion of the masses and plastering mortars to the ground
  • For manual and machine application

If you are looking for a preparation to protect the walls from the location of decorative plaster, we invite you to use the product, brand WEBER. The price we offer is competitive and will certainly not expose you to the excessive costs associated with preparing the wall for plastering or painting. The only thing to look out for is that the soil is not applied to soiled or wet surfaces. The WEBER can be applied manually or by machine, which greatly accelerates its application. The ground forms a reinforced layer under plastering mortars. The use of the preparation does not expose the building to storage under its surface of harmful moisture. After drying, it is resistant to negative temperatures, which is an extremely valuable advantage. The preparation can be applied approximately 24 hours after application of the military layer. The surface freshly covered by the ground should be protected from precipitation until it dries to prevent its destruction.


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