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Plasters WEBER


In this category you will find WEBER, which are considered by many professionals to be the best product in their category. There will be silicone plaster, which is a very versatile version, which is designed even for particularly difficult places, vulnerable to destruction. It is worth adding that there is also silicone-silicone plaster, which is an extended version that will ideal for thermomodernization, as well as for buildings near forests, which need to be protected from moisture, fungi, algae, or various types of other vegetation. Let's also sell acrylic plaster (designed rather for drywall) and machine plasters, which is a special type of mixture, which is applied using special devices that significantly speed up the work. AquaBalance technology, frost resistance, special texture that transmits air molecules are just some of the revolutionary applications that have plasters WEBER. We encourage you to take advantage of the offer, where you will find professional plasters used in construction and repair industry.


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