Aqua waterproof polystyrene for foundation insulation

Aqua Waterproof Polystyrene

Insulating buildings with polystyrene is the most popular way to insulate walls and protect the façade. Using light polystyrene, however, you can protect not only the outer layers of the building, but also roofs or foundations. For the latter of the replaced building structural elements, we have prepared a separate category with waterproof polystyrene, which is ideal for insulation of foundations, basement walls and so-called pedecons. Thanks to its low ionity, the material is ideal wherever there is increased humidity or exposure to periodic water. The compact and porous structure of polystyrene has the property that it is strict and does not pass water.

Before the plate gets the WL designation- such a symbol is located on low-absorbency blocks, it goes through tests that check that the material will not actually absorb moisture. A simple experiment usually involves immersing polystyrene in a liquid for several dozen days and weighing it out. If the granules do not significantly increase their weight, this proves its usefulness in conditions where contact with moisture is likely.

It is worth adding that the façade polystyrene is also great for insulation of parking lots, driveways and terraces, because its structure is resistant to high pressure and freezing. This is why such material is also used for insulation of premises in road and rail construction and in premises used for cold rooms or car washes. Waterproof façade polystyrene is also used under the paving stones or laid out as a material insulating the surfaces of terraces and balconies. The wide use of such a material makes it extremely attractive and versatile. In addition to the waterproof properties, it is worth emphasicating also those features of polystyrene, which are associated with the retention of heat – the material perfectly insulates, has a low degree of heat permeability and has the appropriate thickness.


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