Façade polystyrene used in building insulation systems

Façade polystyrene

Foamed polystyrene, known as polystyrene, is now the most popular material for warming buildings. The plastic, which is obtained from granules soaked in dissolved porofor, is heated with water vapor. In this way, a characteristic porous structure of polystyrene with air-filled balls is formed. The inventor of polystyrene is considered a German chemist, who discovered a material with unusual properties by accident, conducting experiments on cable insulation. Although about 70 years have passed since its invention, polystyrene still makes a dizzying career today, being the most famous material for warming buildings.

The reasons why the material is so popular are many – polystyrene blocks perfectly insulate the exterior walls of various types of buildings, are resistant to moisture, acids or lye, and at the same time are light and easy to process and assemble. They also have a relatively low price compared to other materials that are used to warm the façade.

There are many types of foamed façade polystyrene on the market – depending on your needs, we can dress up in a wide range of different types of blocks. What should we do when thinking about warming the façade of a house, block or utility building? The most important parameter that we should pay attention to for the insulating properties of polystyrene will be the lambda factor. It is he who is responsible for the conductivity of heat, and therefore will show us the material that will best protect the façade from its loss. The lambda interval in polystyrene slabs can range from 0.031 to 0.044 W/(mK). The greatest thermal comfort will be provided by façade polystyrene, which will have a lower conductivity coefficient and which will have a relatively small thickness. The thickness of the blocks is another thing that we should look at if we want the best insulation of the external walls of the building. It was assumed that for the façade, a block with a thickness of 12-15 cm will work best.

In our offer you will find a façade polystyrene, which will perfectly protect the façade from excessive heat loss. Among our products there are not only standard materials for insulation of external walls, but also those that are designed for passive and energy-saving buildings and detached houses. This type of plates has the best heat conductivity parameters on the market. In this product category, we have also included expanded materials that will work well in the case of insulation without the need to carry heavy mechanical loads. Façade insulation products have straight or milled edges. Polystyrene plates in most cases come in a standard size, i.e. 1000 x 500 mm, but at the request of customers we are able to supply blocks of different non-standard dimensions. Slabs designed to warm buildings and their facades also come in two colors: white and graphite.


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