Polystyrene for insulation of floors, roofs, price parking lots


Technical polystyrene for insulation of floors, roofs, terraces, parking lots.

It is not known from today that polystyrene is one of the best materials used for insulation of walls, roofs, floors and other usable surfaces. In our wide offer we have prepared, among other things, polystyrene for floor insulation, which is characterized by a very high heat conductivity and that is why it is ideal as a substrate insulation. There will also be a special polystyrene for roof insulation, which, in addition to the undoubted thermal advantages, will also work well as an additional layer to protect against moisture. Recently, in spatial construction began to use a special polystyrene for the insulation of parking lots, which is characterized by very good mechanical strength and low coefficient of soaking. It is worth adding that such a material can also be successfully used, as polystyrene for the garage, or wherever it is necessary to use insulation with reduced water absorption.

In our offer we also offer the so-called STYROFOAM EPS. It is a special type of material that is formed by foaming and gluing granules in the form of a block. This is why the structure remains porous. Styrofoam EPS is ideal for warming the house – next to the extruded polystyrene plate (XPS) is the most widely used insulator of this type. Take advantage of the wide range of polystyrene for insulation of roofs, floors, terraces and car parks. We also offer graphite polystyrene, which is able to keep more heat, making it ideal for warming buildings. We are convinced that the material will fulfill its task 100% and will be a durable security for many years to come.


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