Styrofoam for warming price: façade, waterproof, roof, floor, parking, xps


Polystyrene slabs for insulation of buildings.

Polystyrene is an essential part of the warming of any building, this material guarantees tightness and improved thermal conditions in the interior. It is thanks to him that we are able to save a large amount of money on heating the building.

In our company we have a very wide range of polystyrene, from façade to extruded (XPS), waterproof to unformed and suitable for flooring, roofing and parking. We offer white polystyrene as well as graphite.

Polystyrene is available in the form of milled plates, which greatly facilitates its transport, installation and much better retains heat. Foundation polystyrene, better known as extrusive polystyrene, will secure the foundations of a building in direct contact with the ground or water, for example, insulation of cellars or terraces. Xps extruded polystyrene polystyrene has very good thermal insulation parameters and high strength, resistant to moisture, is self-extinguishing which ensures fire safety. For example, it is used for insulation of roofs, perimeter walls, floors, roads and airports. Unformed polystyrene, granules and regranulate with irregular granulate shapes increases the thermality of the building. to be used when the blowing method is used. Granules reach difficult places, nooks and crannies, corners and will perfectly fill the space, for example, in a slotted wall or in the ceiling. Polystyrene roof, floor, parking is applicable when warming the previously mentioned structures. The range consists of different thicknesses of polystyrene panels and different parameters of thermal permeability and thermal conductivity. We are distinguished by a large selection, the quality of storage of materials in special warehouses and taking care of the image and very good contact with customers and contractors. Our employees and traders care about the satisfaction, comfort and satisfaction of our buyers.

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