Warming KABE: paints, plasters, adhesives, soils


Now each of you has the chance to create a dream design on your building façade together with the Swiss KABE. The well-known and internationally appreciated building materials of the Swiss brand KABE allow you to conjure up a custom and avant-garde composition that will catch everyone's eye. In our shop you will find the full offer of this manufacturer, which includes products such as: KABEsilicone plaster, KABEacrylic plaster, KABEfaçade paint, KABEacrylic paint, KABE silicone plaster and KABE. But that's not all! In our composition we have an original computer mixer from KABE, thanks to which we are able to produce paints, plasters and mosaics in countless colors.

We also have adhesives for mesh and polystyrene. The huge number of façade compositions and a wide range of colors are quite a challenge even for a fully determined customer, so we are happy to help you in choosing the right color or pattern.

Now each of you will create a unique style and show your individuality not only in the four walls, but also on the outside, distinguishing from all the rest. And all this at a really good and affordable price for each wallet.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the full range of products KABE !

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