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DOMBUD company dealing with the sale of building materials has a wide range of products. Among them, it is possible to purchase such articles as paint tapes, industrial tapes and industrial films, which are characterized by high quality and attractive price. They are designed for both professional and home use. Paint tape is an indispensable article in painting work, used to protect the floor or list from disturbance by paint or plaster. It is also used to achieve special effects, i.e. cut-off colors. There are also blue tapes with higher UV resistance, which are designed for work that requires a longer dry period of paint. In turn, the offered industrial tapes will allow to improve production processes, through ease of installation regardless of the type of substrate, light resistance and waterproofness. Moreover, these tapes are highly performance-friendly and environmentally friendly. The offer also includes paint films that effectively protect furniture, floor and other surfaces from dirt by paint. With its multifunctionality, the films remain an organic product.


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